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Anti-Slip Surface Treatment

Keeping an adequate supply of rock salt & absorbent can help save your business money, ensure safety of staff and the safety of your customers.  

Reduce the Risk

Shovelling Snow

With personal injury solicitors now jumping on the slightest trip or fall, it is glaringly obvious that a claim culture has now made its way into Irish society. Why take the risk of leaving surfaces in your car park and entrances untreated? A liable action may fail & you may be awarded costs, the insurance company may decide to settle or the person taking the action may not be able to afford the costs. 

Don't take the risk when there is a simple & affordable solution.

By having rock salt and absorbent in stock you can be prepared. 

Irish-made, dust-free, non-flammable, anti-slip, non-abrasive, non-toxic and safe to handle
Absorbent is fast to soak up all liquid spillages, especially oils and chemicals, leaving surfaces like
floors, yards and warehouses safe, leaving no residue or stains. Especially suitable for filling stations,
forecourts or brick, paved areas.

Rock Salt

I also supply rock salt for the unpredictable Irish Winter. Why wait until the bad weather comes to protect your business. 


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